Why Every Kitchen Needs A Charcoal Oven

The Charcoal Oven is an ancient technique that has been used for more than 150 years. It is a reasonably simple device that uses charcoal as fuel, and can be implemented for many different cooking applications. Perhaps the biggest point of difference that comes from cooking with a Charcoal Oven is the unique and heightened flavours that are imparted by the charcoal. This factor alone is why these types of ovens are becoming increasingly popular in pubs, restaurants and other commercial kitchens. Read on to find out more.

The Core Benefits of Cooking With Charcoal:

Flavour and Efficiency:

Charcoal ovens allow chefs to exert a greater level of influence over the food that they cook. The biggest difference between using charcoal and / or chargrilling as opposed to a standard oven and / or grill is that cooking with charcoal allows entirely new flavours to be imparted by the heat source, adding more flavour and bridging the gap between grilling and hot-smoking. With the Firenace Charcoal Oven, users have the ability to control air flow and ember intensity which aids this process, producing quality and flavour that ovens and grill cannot. As a result, food gains an entirely new flavour profile that combines the original taste with a mouth-watering smokiness, further amplified by the fact that the succulence is retained – preventing meats from drying out and losing their texture, making them juicier than ever! The Firenace Charcoal Oven is also more efficient than any other traditional grill or oven, cooking food in half the time and requiring less charcoal.


Cooking with Charcoal is incredibly versatile. Whilst you can certainly use it for grilling, it is also possible to smoke vegetables, seafood, meats and even fruits. Plus, you can use different types of charcoal to provide different and unique tastes. With the Firenace Charcoal Oven, the world is your oyster! You can experiment with all different types of charcoal to complement your menu.


The Firenace Charcoal Oven gives you more control over your food. When using charcoal, you can control how long it cooks and what temperature it reaches. You can also control how fast or slow food cooks by adjusting the amount of fuel being burned at any given time, as well as by controlling the air-flow and therefore the intensity of the flames by opening and closing the vent. Furthermore, it is possible to have total control over your food as far as cooking goes, which will help you achieve great results every time.

The Firenace Charcoal Oven is versatile, efficient, and easy to use. Plus, they’re every bit as fun as they are practical. For more information, head over to our Firenace Page or get in touch with a member of our team, who will gladly assist with whatever you need.

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