The Benefits of Retarder Proovers

In its most basic form, a retarder-proover is a cabinet with a controlled and adjustable temperature. During the final stage of the cycle, it transforms from a cold storage room to a heated cabinet to encourage prooving. This process allows for fermented goods to be retarded and stored overnight or even the weekend, and then proove at a pre-set time; thereby providing bakers with more control over the timing of their production and eliminating the need to come in at the crack of dawn.

In addition to controlling the prooving process, retarder-proovers can also help to reduce waste and improve food safety. By controlling the temperature of the cabinet, bakers can ensure that their product is not exposed to conditions that could cause it to spoil. Additionally, these cabinets can help to prevent cross-contamination by keeping different types of doughs and batters separated and preventing the spread of bacteria. Retarder-proovers are an essential tool for any bakery or food service business that produces bread, pastries, and other baked goods. By allowing bakers to control the timing of the prooving process, they can ensure that their products are baked to perfection, while also reducing waste and improving food safety.

Now, with the most recent addition of the Salva Smart Touch Control Panel, these Proovers are about to become even more in demand. The Salva Smart Touch Control Panel is an innovative and highly advanced piece of technology that allows users to control their Salva Retarder Prover with ease. It offers a range of features, including pre-set recipes, temperature settings, timers and more. The panel also allows users to monitor their product’s progress in real-time and adjust settings as necessary, ensuring consistent and delicious results every time.

Read on to learn more about the award-winning Salva Retarder Proover range available at Vanrooy!

Salva Iverpan FC Retarder Proover & Rack Retarder Proover

The Salva Iverpan FC Retarder Proover range was designed for success, focussing on areas including design, product quality, energy efficiency and technology. The Proovers have a glass front that features an electromagnetic door for safety and cleanliness and are also available as a Rack Proover. This machine has the ability to develop retarded or direct fermentation, has frontal cooling and is equipped with condensate on the inside of the door from falling to the sealing. You can learn about the Salva Iverpan FC Retarder Proover on our website here and the Rack FC Retarder Proover on our website here as well.

Salva FC Double-Door & Single-Door Wheel-In Retarder Proover

The Salva range of FC Double-Door Wheel-In Retarder Proovers utilises modern technology in conjunction with the essential characteristics needed to suit the 21st-century baker. Designed to ensure the perfect distribution of cold, heat and moisture throughout the volume of the chamber, these wheel-in proovers have a double-door system and have the capacity to hold 2-20 racks (model and rack-size dependant). They are also available as single-door models, which have the capacity to hold 2-15 racks (again, this is model and rack-size dependent). Both the double-door and single-door proovers are simple to clean, equipped with easy roll-in ramp access and are perfect for any wholesale, medium or industrial-sized bakery/patisserie. You can learn more about the FC Double Door Wheel-In Retarder Proover on our website here and the FC Single-Door Wheel-In Retarder Proover on our website here.

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