Bertuetti SVG3 Universal Dough Divider & Rounder

The Bertuetti SVG3 is a state of the art dough divider and rounder that is equipped with a guillotine cutting unit. With consistency emphasised as the forefront of the design, the SVG3 will continue to improve, divide and round any type of dough in it’s path.

Key Features

  • The OG high hydration automatic divider rounder
  • Divide doughs with up to 90% hydration
  • Round doughs with up to 80% hydration
  • Patented dividing system with spreader belts from 1 to 7 rows
  • Produce up to 11,000 pieces per hour*
  • Feeding belt with automatic roller clutch
  • Stainless steel laminating rollers
  • Adjustable dough thickness
  • Easily adjustable automatic top flour duster
  • Guillotine cutting system on roller with compressed air
  • Control panel with touch-screen 99 memories
  • Speed and weight electric control for each recipe
  • Patented rounding system utilising soft touch cup sets
  • Adjustable rounding pressure, adjustable flattening roller, adjustable eccentric movement
  • Adjustable exit conveyor belt
  • Built in Italy

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Product: Bertuetti SVG3 Universal Dough Divider & Rounder
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