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Water Chillers and Water Meters

The water chillers insulated tank contains a double circuit. One coil with the coolant transforms the water stored in the tank into ice.
Energy is transferred to the second coil vehicling the tap water used for your productions. This design guarantees efficiency and security :
• Even in case of a leak there is no contact possible between the tap water to be chilled and the coolant ;
• The chilled water has no contact with ambient air, thus avoiding to be polluted.
Thanks to their small size, these chillers can be installed every-where. Working with city pressure, they economize a pump.
If the chiller is to be installed further than 5 m from the water meter, we recommend the special insulation accessory
When more than 40 litres chilled water are required in an hour at less than 2 °C, it becomes necessary to install a second unit.

Teamed with the Stoppil Water meter, is the best solution for an accurate temperature and repeated change between low and high temperatures. Supplied with one of our chillers, the Baker's most difficult demands are fulfilled.

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