Steam Tube Ovens

Salva TAV ovens, are traditional hearth ovens which produce artisan bread to satisfy even the most demanding artisan bakers.

These are characterised by the uniform temperature produced by the steam circulating throughout the length of the cooking chambers, guaranteeing cooking quality and uniformity. Steam tube ovens‭ ‬convert water into steam.‭ ‬The heated steam‭ ‬moves through tubes that surround the cooking chamber.‭ ‬The‭ ‬tubes heat the area, and then the steam condenses back into‭ ‬water when it cools and is‭ ‬reheated.‭ ‬This type of oven creates a cooking atmosphere that is drier than other types and‭ ‬giving baked goods‭ ‬a more robust crust

The thermal inertia of the TAV oven makes it ideal for artisan bakers who wish to prepare the best bread with a crusty base.

Salva's TAV ovens are available in 2 options: the ceramic hearth and the metal hearth.

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