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Chocolate Cooling Tunnels

Cooling tunnels are designed to cool the chocolate products.

Standard cooling tables come equipped with:

  • Enrober with adjustable ventilator
  • Digital thermostat
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Cover made out of double-walled polyester for optimal insulation and hygiene.
  • Infeed unit for product decoration and output unit for taking off the products.
  • Alternative infeed and output lengths are available on request.
  • Cooling zone can be extended with 2 m long parts.

The complete tunnel consists of an enrobing grill system, working width

300 mm, mounted on a frame with adjustable feet (+/- 50mm), a blower,

heating element, enrobing gutter with double curtain, dry grill, wet grill,

vibrator, detailer, polycarbonate cover (!), electrical cabinet with touch

screen control panel.

The cooling belt has a working width of 180 mm up to 300 mm, contact

and convection cooling, 0,5 m entrance, 4 m cooling zone, 1 m exit

table, with manual detaching device and incorporated cooling compressor.

The complete enrobing grille system included.

The tunnel works with CW40 or CW60.

Features of the tunnel

Integrated folded design for easy installation, cooling compressor built-in

Transparent covers

Nose adjustable in height

Convection, radiation and contact cooling

Adjustable belt speed: 0,75 - 1,2 m/min

Standard working width: from right to left

Optional wheels

Belt de-tensioner for easy cleaning of frame

Air channels can be cleaned from the inside

Touch screen control panel

Product detaching with turning roll at the end of the tunnel

Belt width: 180, 220 or 300 mm

Features of the grill

Enrobing grille system, working width 300 mm

One frame with adjustable feet (+/- 50 mm)


Heating element

Enrobing gutter with double curtain

Dry grill, wet grill, vibrator, and detailer

Electrical cabinet with touch screen control panel

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