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Whether you’re looking to open a new business, expand an existing one, or simply replace some old or ageing pieces, investing your money in high-quality equipment is always a wise decision for the future of your company. In fact, investing in high-quality equipment from the beginning can actually save you a lot of money in the long term. It’s not rocket science: better quality = greater longevity.

When deciding on a purchase, it’s crucial to not only consider the products you need to produce but also the quantity of them and the potential growth of your business. At Vanrooy, we understand that finding the right mix of bakery equipment to fit your bakery can seem like a daunting and expensive task; that’s why we’re here to help.

One piece of equipment a lot of our customers enquire about is the right mixer to invest in. With a lot of different options available, it’s important to understand the difference between certain mixers, and which one will work best for your production.

We’ve dedicated this blog to educating you about the different mixers we have available at Vanrooy Machinery, and the kind of production they are most suited to. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and our team of experts will gladly help.

The Escher M Premium Spiral Series

The Escher M100 is our best-selling mixer, and for good reason! This fixed bowl spiral dough mixer is designed specifically to improve your production quality and time parameters. The Premium Line was created for intensive use with stiffer doughs whilst featuring the Premium drive system and dual belt resulting in more power being delivered to the spiral tool. The Escher M100 is the most robust spiral mixer on the market, producing the highest quality dough with minimal heat generation, making it the ideal mixer for croissant dough and sourdough where dough temperature is critical. The M Premium Series has a capacity range from 40kg to 240kg. There are two speeds available for use, automatic timers and a two-way bowl rotation allowing you to reverse the bowl at first speed. You can learn more about the Escher Premium Spiral Series on our website here.

The Escher MW Line

The Escher MW line features a removable bowl and double mixing tools. This line of innovative industrial mixers is the leader in dough hydration technology and has been specifically designed to improve larger production processes and dough quality, all whilst reducing your wastage. The line is available with a capacity of 120 – 400kg, model dependent, and is suitable for the large-scale production of dough including wheat flour, rye flour, wholemeal, delicate doughs, doughs with fruit and cracker or yeast doughs. You can also use this mixer to mix other fillings such as chocolate, nougat, and truffle fillings. You can learn more about the Escher MW Line on our website here.

The Escher MD & MDW Line

The Escher MD & MDW are part of Escher’s industrial mixer range and are designed to produce all types of dough in large quantities. The range of spiral mixers has a bottom discharge system, where the dough is unloaded onto a conveyor belt or into a moveable bowl. This compact system is available in models with a capacity of 160kg – 500kg and features two or more series of mixers that feed the dough directly into the production lines, while an optional extension offers a system for letting the dough rest. The design of the machine pays close attention to various aspects of hygiene maintenance, whilst optimising the function of the machine. For example, the closing cap on the cleaning bowl. The bowl transmission guarantees constant RPM to improve the quality of the dough. This transmission is designed to last longer and requires less maintenance compared to the classic clutch wheel transmissions used in this sector. You can learn more about this line on our website here.

The Tekno Stamap TK Planetary Mixers

The Tekno Stamap range of TK Planetary Mixers has been specifically designed for flexibility and durability whilst being the optimal mixing solution for any medium size business. This versatile planetary mixer is available in 40 – 120 litre bowl capacities and is suitable for the production of processed doughs ranging from dense pastries and bread to light whipped creams and custards. You can learn more about the TK Planetary Mixers on our website here.

The Tekno Stamap C Line Planetary Mixer

The Tekno Stamap C-Line range of Planetary Mixers is suitable for those with small – medium production and has been specifically designed with reliability and consistency in mind. Not only are these mixers attractively priced, but they also require minimal to no maintenance. The C-Line range is available in 40L and 60L models, as well as benchtop models for smaller throughput, and is suitable for the production of confectionery products. The design and features of the C-LINE Series Planetary Mixers allow you to carry out very precise work cycles. One of the main features contributing to precise operation is the simple Control Panel. The panel allows the operator to control mixing time and speed. Use of various mixing utensils, which are easily and quickly changed, guarantees gentle, gradual, and homogenous mixing. All these features make the C-Line Planetary Mixers ideal to whip (e.g., mousse and creams) and also to mix small quantities of dough. You can learn more about the C Line Planetary Mixers on our website here.

The Tekno Stamap Dive 2 Arm IBT Mixer

The Tekno Stamap Dive 2 ARM IBT Mixer is designed as a simple-to-operate two-arm mixer. The plunging arms are made of cast aluminium and are equipped with PED accident-prevention guards that have a very high mechanical resistance to reduce flour dust. The bowl is also made of very thick stainless steel that has been metal spun and has a reinforced base to support all the mechanical stress generated during mixing. The DIVE 2-arm mixer is suitable for high-hydration dough used to make French bread, toasting loaves, breadsticks, croissants, panettone, and brioche. It is available in 40kg and 90kg models. You can learn more about the Tekno Stamap Dive 2 Arm IBT Mixer on our website here.

Remember, Vanrooy has several finance solutions to help you afford your dream equipment no matter where you are on the financial ladder. You can view them all here.

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