Think forward, think future.

At Vanrooy, we know that how we work is just as important as the products we supply. This is why we are continuously guided by a set of 4 values, each carefully chosen by the people who embody them. These values exemplify the DNA of Vanrooy. From a small family business with 2 employees to the present, this unique balance of qualities is instilled within every member of our Vanrooy family.

Customer focus

Always ready for you

Customer focus is at the forefront of our company’s family orientated existence. It is deeply embedded into the mindset of our employees and drives us to deliver the best possible products, service and support. We love to partner with our customers and support them well beyond the purchase of their equipment. As providing relevant and sustainable solutions to benefit the success of our customers drives us to be better ourselves constantly.


We’re team players

We constantly strive to provide opportunity and encouragement to all our employees to maximise our teamwork and unite all facets of the company as one. Our strong team bond allows us to put the company before our individual performance and to promptly act upon any impending tasks with thoroughness. We highly value diversity on our team and believe that diversity exists in many forms to drives us to challenge what is perceived as the norm.


Bringing the unthinkable

Constantly striving to reimagine the standard of excellence and innovation in everything we do. We encourage and are open to concepts that challenge the conventional views, as we believe that in order to stay relevant, we must consistently seek to improve with the markets changing needs.


The highest standards

We work with integrity in everything we do. Our commitment to abide by and be honest when key principles are not followed is second to none. We strive to provide the best quality products and service to our customers and accept complete accountability for our actions, decisions and results.


Vanrooy was established in 1978 for a simple reason, to supply quality bakery equipment for businesses to improve their product quality and efficiency. We started from our own experiences baking and the lack of innovative choices. So we decided to change it.


Fast forward to the present. We now offer a range of innovative machinery, covering the food equipment industry whilst continuing to work with renowned chefs and like minded individuals with the common goal of maximising technology to improve efficiency.


We believe that opportunities arise from looking ahead. Which is why we are very excited for what the future holds, but we are more excited to bring you along with us.

A history of looking forward.