Dough Divider

The unique Bertuetti SVG3 combines a stress free dough divider with a gentle rounding system to become the complete machine for the modern bakery. Variable speed makes it suitable for all production requirements and it is suitable for all dough types, from direct dough's through to very hydrated, long rested/fermented dough's. In short, it is the most dynamic dough processing machine on the market today. It is the machine for today and tomorrow.

Dividing 1 to 7 rows
Weight range 20 to 2000gm
Rounding range 30 to 200gm
Dividing dough up to 90% hydration
Rounding dough up to 80% hydration
Includes longer feeding belt with extra flour duster
Includes Dough Equalizer with flour duster
Includes 5 Row Spreader Belt Set
Includes 5 Row Rounding Cup Set 110mm diameter

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