The brand new range of FirEnace Charcoal Equipment has been specifically designed by Chefs to achieve optimum cooking results every single time.

Cooking with charcoal allows you to exert a greater level of influence over the food that you cook. The biggest difference between using charcoal and / or chargrilling as opposed to a standard oven and / or grill is that cooking with charcoal allows entirely new flavours to be imparted by the heat source, adding more flavour and bridging the gap between grilling and hot-smoking.

The FirEnace Charcoal Oven provides users with the ability to control air flow and ember intensity, producing quality and flavour that ovens and grill cannot. As a result, food gains an entirely new flavour profile that combines the original taste with a mouth-watering smokiness, further amplified by the fact that the succulence is retained – preventing meats from drying out and losing their texture.

The FirEnace Parrilla Wind-Up Grill is built from heavy gauge stainless steel to enable mass heat retention. With ease, versatility and optimum flavour at the forefront of the design, the Parrilla Wind-Up Grill offers an extensive cooking surface with a state of the art elevating system, giving users the ability to cook multiple things at once, and from all angles of the grill.

The FirEnace Hibachi Grills can be used in restaurants in a more professional space, or for domestic use at home with friends and family to transform a meal into an interactive, culinary experience. They are manufactured from the same stainless steel as the Parrilla Wind-Up Grill and the Charcoal Oven.

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