Pizza Masterclass in the Test Kitchen

On Tuesday the 19th of March 2024, Vanrooy Machinery’s Test Kitchen was the perfect backdrop to an exciting Pizza Masterclass held by Mauri, 5Ways and Don

Picture this: sizzling Don meat in the Venix Combi Oven, the Escher Mixer whirling up the perfect Mauri pizza dough and mouthwatering pizza bubbling away in the Salva Deck Oven using 5Ways toppings.

In our bustling Test Kitchen, we welcomed 35 eager guests to witness the magic of our equipment firsthand. From the hands-on demos to tantalizing tastings and captivating presentations, it was a pizza party that left everyone feeling full.

About The Hosts

As a leading supplier of bakery ingredient solutions across Australia and New Zealand, MAURI offers a comprehensive portfolio of high quality bakers and specialised application flours, yeasts, grains, bread and cake pre-mixes and improvers.

5Ways Foodservice works with quality brands and foodservice business partners to provide an extensive product range that caters to the needs of their customers in the restaurant and catering industry. 

One of Australia’s largest Smallgoods manufacturers, proudly producing award winning hams, bacon, salami, franks and continentals from our Castlemaine site in Victoria. 

The Pizza Masterclass would not have been complete without the Venix Combi OvenIt was the secret weapon behind the perfect pizza toppings and succulent meats.

Easy for the Don team to use, with perfect temperature control for all ingredients that were prepped, the Venix Combi Oven was an exceptional addition to the day! 

The Mauri team was sure to use only the best for their exquisite pizza dough, which is why they used the Escher M1 Mixer.

Flawlessly mixed to the perfect texture, the pizza dough used in the Masterclass was second to none. 

The Salva Deck Oven Cooking Pizza to Perfection

Achieving perfectly mixed dough in the Escher M1 Mixer demands an equally impeccable cooking method, making our Salva Deck Oven the unequivocal choice for the task at hand.

The Salva modular oven range is recognised worldwide for its baking quality, flexibility and versatility. 

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