Deck Ovens

Salva Modular Deck multi use electric ovens are the perfect solution for Artisans who want quality bread of different varieties. The flexibility of these ovens allows them to be installed in almost any bakery. They are equipped with refractory hearth cooking surfaces which bakes perfectly all types of breads, pizzas and pastries including Artisan Breads.

Steam units can also be added allowing the uniform distribution of steam throughout the cooking chamber surface. The steam that it produces is instantaneous and programmable in quantity, depending on the characteristics of the product to be cooked

The NXE and NXD Deck Ovens have hinged doors which open inwards towards the chamber roof to allow the use of a setter loader. These doors also allow a great view into the oven which also provides great theatre for the customer. Oven controls are fully programmable and include energy efficiency features, auto steaming and auto damper.

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