Bakery Equipment

At Van Rooy Machinery, we have always embraced the moto "Where Technology and Tradition Unite". We only supply the highest quality equipment backed by our 2-year Warranty and 24/7 Premier Service.

Vanrooy machinery caters for all bread bakeries from small to large, handmade to automated.

Our machinery is used by instore bakeries, franchise hot bread shops, independent family owned bakeries and artisan bakeries alike.

We can help with ingredient storage, mixing, dividing, shaping, proving, scoring, baking, cooling and slicing.

So no matter what you are baking Vanrooy Machinery has the solutions to help with getting you started, upgrade old equipment or expand with automation to meet your business needs.

Ingredient storage and dosing

Fermenting & Prooving

Agriflex Fabric and Stainless Steel Silos

Agriflex Levain Machine
Retarder Proovers



Stoppil Water Meter and Chillers
Escher Spiral Mixers
Tekno Stamap Planetary Mixer

Salva Fork Mixer – Recommended for Artisan Breads

Tekno Two Arm Mixer – Recommended for Artisan Breads

Salva Modular Deck ovens
Salva Rack Ovens
Tav Steam tube Ovens
Mecatek Cyclothermic Ovens
Salva Magma Cyclothermic Oven Setter loaders


BLAST Chillers and Shock Freezers

Merand Moulders
Bertuetti Moulders
Fortuna Bun Rounders
Bertuetti Universal Dividers
Merand Dough Dividers

Afinox Blast chillers and Freezers

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