FirEnace Charcoal Oven

Made by chefs, for chefs, the FirEnace Charcoal Oven has been designed to satisfy even the most demanding commercial kitchen, allowing you to cook all types of foods whilst retaining their natural flavours and bringing out a unique taste.


Key Features

  • Allows you to cook all types of foods retaining the natural flavours and bringing out a unique taste
  • Grill and oven in one
  • Cooks 50% faster than any other open grill or oven
  • Can reach temperatures of 300 – 500 degrees
  • Cooks hard and fast, or long and slow depending on how much wood / charcoal you put in it
  • Can roast, grill, bake, steam, braise and smoke
  • Designed to fulfil the demands of professionals in the food and hospitality sector
  • Ability to control the airflow through the oven and regulate the intensity of the flames and smoke levels by closing the vent
  • More efficient than traditional barbecues, requiring less charcoal and providing a more consistent result
  • Entirely new flavours are imparted by the heat source, bridging the gap between grilling and hot-smoking
  • Two models available including the T-100 and T-200
  • T-100 (incl. chimney): 706×643×1150mm and 155kgs
  • T-200 (incl. chimney): 900×643×1150mm and 205kgs
  • Customised solutions available to cater to individual needs

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Product: FirEnace Charcoal Oven
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