Chocolate Tempering

Tempering chocolate is a pivotal step in making sure your chocolate is smooth, glossy and evenly coloured for coating. It also prevents the dull, gray-ish colour and waxy texture that results from the cocoa fat separating out; and controls the crystals so that only consistent, small crystals are produced, resulting in a higher quality chocolate. Untempered chocolate can feel rough and have a chewy texture. Furthermore, it is also more susceptible to heat and humidity, melting more easily and spoiling faster.

Whilst tempering can indeed be done by hand, for example over the stove or in a microwave, when you are operating a larger business with a higher throughput, tempering your chocolate manually just won’t cut it. That’s where we come in. 

We have a range of automated chocolate tempering machines here at Vanrooy that can assist in your chocolate production and save you a lot of valuable time. Read on to learn about some of our favourites. 

Chocolate World Automatic Tempering Machine 

Chocolate Worlds Tempering Machines are specifically designed to consistently temper your chocolate whilst simultaneously improving the quality. Equipped with a microprocessor with digital temperature display, a heated vibrating table and a pedal to dose the chocolate, this machine is available in 24kg, 40kg, 60kg and 80kg units. Thus, it is ideal for chocolatiers with a larger production demand. It also has an optional single-phase system available upon request, fast melting and tempering cycle, and easy to move castors. You can learn more about the Chocolate World Automatic Tempering Machine here

Pavoni MiniTemper Chocolate Tempering Machine

The Pavoni MiniTemper has been specifically designed as your perfect bench-top chocolate tempering solution with simple to use functionality and customisable programs. This bench top chocolate machine allows you to maximise production without compromising on space and is perfect for any chocolatier with a small production capacity or if you’re just starting out. The tempering programs can be customised for your specific production and the chocolate can be maintained in its tempered state for several hours. It’s also simple to operate and clean with interchangeable bowls made of AISI 304 stainless steel and a transparent lid made of PET to maintain temperature. You can learn more about the Pavoni MiniTemper Chocolate Tempering Machine here


Chocolate World Tempering Wheels

The new Chocolate World range of Wheelie Tempering machines have been designed to efficiently melt and temper chocolate callets. Available in two models (a 14kg machine bench-top unit and a 30kg free-standing model), the Wheelie tempering machines are made to be low investment machines, ideal for professional production. The 14kg unit has a digital thermostat and the 30kg unit is equipped with a vibrating table and is designed for a higher output of chocolate production. Nonetheless, both temper the chocolate to be effortlessly smooth and velvety. You can learn more about the Chocolate World Tempering Wheels here.

All of these machines are available to purchase through us and are inclusive of our exclusive two-year warranty. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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