Automation In The Baking Industry

Bakers often have a hard time finding enough workers to keep their operations running optimally. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough fish in the sea, which is somewhat concerning considering Global Industry Analysts have reported the global market for bakery goods is expected to exceed $570 billion over the next three years. Additionally, a Deloitte report predicted that by the year 2025, nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will likely be available; and the skill gap is expected to result in 2 million of those jobs going unfilled.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that many bakeries are already utilising automation to improve production and meet the increasing customer demand. In fact, in the modern-day, automation is already playing an important role in the bakery world. We’ve seen many commercial bakeries upgrading to industrial deck ovens, removable bowl or tipping mixers and dough divider/rounder systems to speed up production and cut costs. 

While automation might not be an obvious choice for some bakers (e.g., those who produce small artisan goods), there does come a point in business growth where it becomes necessary. Actually, the limited labour market is a major problem for most specialty bakeries, and as growth requires them to reach higher throughputs, labour can become a challenge and automation can provide the solution. Moreover, bringing in automation can not only increase throughput, it can also fill the gap of skilled workers by improving shape and weight accuracy, thereby providing consistent quality products without all hands needing to be on deck.

At Vanrooy, we understand how valuable time is to a business. That’s why we’ve built a company devoted to providing you with the best quality, labour-saving, innovative machinery. Our automated equipment is guaranteed to eliminate the number of employees you need to hire, significantly reduce the ‘hands-on’ time during production and guarantee a greater return on investment. 

Please read on to learn about just a handful of our many automated machines and how they can assist you.

Salva TAV Steam Tube Oven

Designed with productivity, efficiency and thermal mass at the forefront of the range, the Salva TAV Steam Tube Deck Oven  consistently produces the highest quality products to satisfy even the most demanding artisan bakers. The oven is characterised by the uniform temperature produced by the steam circulating throughout the length of the steam tubes of the cooking chambers, guaranteeing cooking quality and uniformity. The TAV Steam Tube Deck Oven is available in the metal hearth model, giving artisan bakers greater flexibility and uniform baking quality throughout. Built on site, the TAV oven is statement piece of the bakery, consistently producing a high output of bakery products day on day, year on year.

Key features of the Salva TAV Steam Tube Oven include (but are not limited to): 

  • The oven has an automatic setter loader and can operate at a high output without impacting the production quality.
  • Energy savings from build quality, thermal mass, configuration & gas connection.
  • Copious insulation throughout preventing heat dispersion and increase the heating power of the oven.
  • The oven is available in 1 – 4 decks/chambers with 2 – 4 doors per decks/chambers

CSC Sartori SVP Volumetric Divider Rounder

The CSC Satori SVP Volumetric Divider Rounder is an automatic divider rounder specifically designed for industrial production with a high hourly production rate, giving a precise and high quality final product with every use.

Key features of the CSC Satori SVP Volumetric Divider Rounder include (but are not limited to):

  • Perfectly divides and rounds all products, from the softest doughs to very hydrated.
  • Dramatically reduce your staff and improve your product quality.
  • It can produce up to 6,000 pieces per hour with a weight range of 15-300 grams.
  • It has a motorised exit belt with pressure roller, automatic drum oil with spray system, user friendly touch screen panel and hopper flour dusters with an additional flour duster on exit belt.
  • Designed to be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Tekno Stamap Industrial Smart Sheeter

The Tekno Stamap Industrial Smart Sheeter utilises user-friendly programming and operation, combining the speed, convenience and precision of automatic sheeters with the ease and simplicity of manual machines. The programmable touch screen control panel allows you to store up to 50 programs. Further to this, the addition of the automatic flour duster and automatic winder allows you to automate the entire process for maximum efficiency, speed and precision.  

Key features of the Tekno Stamap include (but are not limited to):

  • Its touch screen control pad, with 50 different programs available to use. 
  • It is available in Smart and Industrial Smart Range; where the Smart range is equipped with folding table capabilities for space saving and the Industrial Smart range is equipped with an extra heavy-duty frame. 
  • The Autos-mart 123 range, with the 123 mm diameter rolling cylinders, is the ideal machine for laminating very hard doughs even up to 0.2 mm thick without any problem. This is because the reinforcements to the structure and sides allow maximum precision even with products that are particularly difficult to sheet and laminate.


Rijkaart Bread Production Line

The Rijkaart Bread line has been specifically designed for the continuous production of bread, buns, baguettes and ciabatta dough. This incredibly versatile line comes with a range of functions and a special dough forming system that allows for the most delicate of doughs to be produced through an autonomous line.

Key features of the Rijkaart Production Line include (but are not limited to): 

  • It is designed to produce a range of breads at a large industrial capacity. The machine is equipped with a fitted dough sheeter, fully automated flour duster, stress free dough sheeter, dough feeder, mini and multi cross rollers, two roll sheeters, driven cutting station, spreading system, travelling guillotine, separating and curling tool, moulding function and oven loader. 
  • With options for moulding/ rounding and shaping/forming, the possibilities to produce high quality and uniquely distinctive products are practically limitless.
  • The Rijkaart 4 roll dough band former is the reliable and trusted head machine for the Rijkaart bread line. The 4 adjustable rollers give extreme control over the structure and weight consistency of the dough band.

Bertuetti SVG3

The Bertuetti SVG3 is a state-of-the-art dough divider and rounder that is equipped with a guillotine cutting unit. With consistency emphasised as the forefront of the design, the SVG3 will continue to improve, divide and round any type of dough in its path. In short, it is the most dynamic dough processing machine on the market today. 

Key features of the Bertuetti SVG3 include (but are not limited to):

  • Its ability to divide dough up to 90% hydration, as well as rounding dough up to 80% hydration. 
  • The machine has a high hourly output and doesn’t use any oil, which allows for low consumable costs and an easy clean-up. 
  • The SVG3 can be optioned with automatic dough feeders, inline long moulders, seed depositors, stamping stations and tray loading.
  • It also has a simple to use programmable touch screen control with variable speed and automatic flour dusters.

If you are looking to implement automation into your business and are interested in our machinery, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have 24/7 support and a wonderfully talented team dedicated to providing you with the best and making your life as easy as possible. 





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