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If you’re in the market for new bakery equipment and want to skip the heavy wait times that are usually standard for high-quality, European equipment manufactured overseas, we have great news! We currently have a bunch of stock available, inclusive of our most popular machines.

This is a great opportunity to buy the equipment your bakery needs to go to the next level and have them set up in your shop quickly. Plus, if you purchase prior to June 30th, you can make the most of the $150k Asset Write-Off Scheme, which you can learn more about here.

Please see below for what is available and click here to get in touch with us today if you’d like to make an enquiry. Hurry, these won’t last long!

Tekno Stamap TK40 & TK20 Mixers

The Tekno Stamap range of TK Planetary Mixers has been specifically designed for flexibility and durability whilst being the optimal mixing solution for any medium size business. This versatile planetary mixer is currently available in 20 and 40-litre bowl capacities, both of which are suitable for the production of processed doughs ranging from dense pastries and bread to light whipped creams and custards. You can learn more about the TK Planetary Mixers on our website here.

Merand Diva 2 Dough Divider

The Merand Diva 2 is a 20-piece hydraulic stress-free dough divider designed for complete accuracy and efficiency, whilst working with all dough types. This divider is the easiest of its kind to clean and maintain, thanks to its individual Ertalyte® plates and hinged side covers. It is suitable for all types of doughs and shapes, with the pressure exerted on the dough being reduced by at least 66%. The Merand Diva 2 also preserves your dough with the H.D.M. ® hydraulic system. You can learn more about the Merand Diva 2 Dough Divider on our website here.

Merand Atoupain

The Merand Atoupain is a hydraulic, stress-free, dough grid divider designed for complete accuracy and efficiency when working with all types of doughs, whilst also allowing you to use the cold fermentation process. This divider can divide high water content artisan doughs without damage and is equipped with VarioPress® to reduce pressure and keep bubbles inside the dough. There are more than 30 grid models to choose from including baguettes, panini, loaves, and rolls, plus you also have the ability to have custom-designed grids made as well. You can learn more about the Merand Atoupain on our website here. 

Merand Tregor PPR Dough Moulder

The Merand Tregor PPR Dough Moulder is specifically designed to consistently roll and shape dough balls from 30g all the way up to 1450g, allowing this moulder to meet all of your production needs. The Tregor PPR Dough Moulder can produce up to 1,800 pieces per hour, is simple to use and can be mounted/placed on a stand or benchtop. This machine is particularly useful for the production of bread rolls and larger loaves of bread. You can learn more about the Merand Tregor PPR Dough Moulder on our website here.

Escher M100 Premium Spiral Mixer

The Escher M100 is our best-selling mixer, and for good reason! This fixed bowl spiral dough mixer is designed specifically to improve your production quality and time parameters. The Premium Line was created for intensive use with stiffer doughs whilst featuring the Premium drive system and dual belt resulting in more power being delivered to the spiral tool. The Escher M100 is the most robust spiral mixer on the market, producing the highest quality dough with minimal heat generation to the dough. There are two speeds available for use, automatic timers and a two-way bowl rotation allowing you to reverse the bowl at the first speed. You can learn more about the Escher M100 Premium Spiral Mixer on our website here.

Escher ES42 Bread Slicer

The Escher ES42 Bread Slicer is designed and manufactured in Europe with high-quality materials and food-grade stainless steel on the loaf-contact surfaces. This machine sits on any benchtop, creates consistent slices every time, is easy to operate and has different fixed-blade model options between 14 – 20mm. Plus, it only requires single-phase power. You can learn more about the Escher ES42 Bread Slicer on our website here.

Salva Kwik Co Convection Oven

The Salva Kwik Co Convection Oven range has been designed carefully and consciously with the demands of the modern baker at the forefront of every detail. It is an aesthetically unique oven with excellent baking uniformity and the power-saving qualities that Salva is renowned for. The Kwik-co has a touch screen control panel with a large colour display and programs, even distribution airflow technology with dual speeds and a cool touch double-glazed door. The oven has an eco-friendly design, resulting in energy-saving capabilities and is equipped with the notorious Salvalink technology. With 100 programs, 10 phases, independent heating by program, a built-in library of pictograms and more, this oven is the perfect addition to your bakery. You can learn more about the Salva Kwik Co Convection Oven on our website here.

 Salva NXE Deck Oven

The Salva NXE Modular Deck oven operates electrically and is recognised worldwide for its baking quality, flexibility, and versatility. The NXE boasts industry-leading features, programs, and power-saving qualities to help you bake better. Plus, because it is modular, you are able to add additional decks in the future if the demand for your products grows. The NXE has guaranteed uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber and the independent modules allow different types of products to be cooked in each module. They are designed in three configurations (2 trays, 3 trays or 6 trays) and are available in 1-5 decks. You can learn more about the Salva NXE Modular Deck Oven here.

Salva Sirocco SK Single Rack Oven

The Sirocco by Salva has been designed and manufactured to obtain the maximum gain from the first bake and beyond. Salva’s emphasis on an energy-efficient design combined with the advanced airflow system also provides a return on your investment from the outset. The cool-touch door system means that you can touch the glass without burning your hand, plus the increased thickness of the door allows for a better cooling capacity and insulation. The Salva Sirocco SK Single Rack Oven has an integrated touchscreen panel, an exclusive high-performance steam system, a triple-glazing system and more. You can learn more about the Salva Sirocco SK Single Rack Oven on our website here.

Salva Iverpan FC Rack Retarder Proover

The range of Iverpan FC Retarder Proovers by Salva is recognised as an indispensable piece of equipment in bakeries and patisseries around the world. The FC Rack Retarder Proovers have controlled fermentation cabinets for racks, featuring an award-winning electromagnetic black glass door with an automatic opening and an FC-Touch control panel. These Proovers are equipped with Salva’s all-new Smart Touch Control panel and Salvalink technology, which can store up to 100 programs, with pictograms of the final product. The proovers are available in 3 sizes and generate steam, cool air and heat individually or simultaneously, with working temperatures between -2 and 40 degrees. You can learn more about the Salva Iverpan FC Rack Retarder Proovers here.

Stoppil S2150 Water Meter & SP100 Water Chiller

It is recommended to combine the Stoppil Water Meters and Chillers, as the Meter allows for accurate dosing and the Chiller allows for the water to be kept cool.

The Stoppil S2150 Water Meter offers the perfect solution for accurate water dosing with a temperature range of 1 to 60 degrees Celsius. This machine also has lower maintenance costs due to the water components being separate from the electric components. The Stoppil SP100 Water Chiller is the optimum commercial water solution that embodies power-saving capabilities and stores ice perfectly. This water chiller is simple, compact, and easy to install with water delivered at town pressure; and is able to chill 370 litres in 7 working hours at 2 degrees. You can learn more about the Stoppil S2150 Water Meter on our website here and the Stoppil SP100 Water Chiller here.

Remember, Vanrooy has several finance solutions to help you afford your dream equipment no matter where you are on the financial ladder. You can view them all here.

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