Escher M1 Line Spiral Mixers

Introducing the Escher M1 line. A range of single motor, fixed bowl spiral mixers available in two size capacities and designed for intensive use.

Key Features

  • Silent and reliable mixer, designed for intense use
  • The central part of the bowl is raised and rounded in order to increase the robustness of the bowl, to improve dough quality and to reduce mixing times
  • Two speed operation
  • One-way bowl rotation
  • Available with a single phase or inverter
  • Available with manual control or automatic version with electronic timers
  • Dough Capacity Range: 30kg and 40kg
  • On wheels with S/Steel lockdowns
  • Heavy duty chassis
  • Available with independent bowl transmission
  • Optional Automatic Timers

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Product: Escher M1 Line Spiral Mixers
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