Introducing Rustique Boulangerie

There’s a new kid on the bread block, and you’re going to be best friends! 

Introducing Rustique Boulangerie, a small, modern artisanal bakery specialising in small batch, hand-crafted and naturally fermented sourdough bread. Situated in Caulfield North just a couple of shops up from it’s sister cafe, Chocolatine Boutique Pâtisserie, Rustique Boulangerie’s store is as charming as the products are delicious! 

We were thrilled to attend their opening day on Tuesday the 6th of April, where we got to chat to founder, Shirly Hazan, about all things business and the key to owning and operating several successful establishments in the food industry. Please find our interview with her below. 

How and when did the idea for Rustique come to be?

We have always felt there was a high demand for a proper artisanal bakery in our area [Caufield]. We were struggling to source good quality bread and rolls and were certain that there would be a great appreciation for these products. We are also Kosher Certified, meaning our products comply with the Jewish dietary regulations of Kashrut, securing us as a niche business with a specific target market.

What do you believe makes Rustique stand out in comparison to other bakeries?

Our biggest stand-out is the people who we work with. We have the super talented Alex Slinger baking our products, which is definitely a bonus point. Aside from that, we are in a convenient and great location within the Jewish community. 

What do you believe is the key to a successful bakery?

Having professional bakers is definitely a main contributor to success. As is creating a happy ambience with music, friendly stuff and great decor. Choosing a good location is also very pivotal.

What is Rustique’s most popular product?

Our top seller is our 800g Vienna multi grain and our delicious, crunchy Jerusalem bagels. 

You own a beautiful cafe, Chocolatine, a couple of doors down from Rustique. Was it always the plan to have two stores so close?

Absolutely, we had been waiting for a place on Kooyong Road to become available. Having our stores close together makes it easier for us to be hands-on and move between the two. We also own a fish and chips shop three doors up. 

What has been your most rewarding experience in the food industry?

Definitely opening our first business, Chocolatine. Watching this patisserie continue to grow and succeed is the best feeling. 

Where do you see Rustique in ten years?

In ten years I see Rustique progressing to be a chain of bakeries all over Melbourne, but with one golden rule: to continue the hand made factor, always staying true to the ‘Rustique’. 

Rustique Boulangerie bakes their gorgeous bread in our Salva NXE Modular Deck Oven. If you are on the hunt for a new oven or machinery for your bakery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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