Meet the Roboqbo

You are probably looking at this machine thinking “what the f*#K is this thing” or “what is it even used for, looks like a pressure cooker machine that spawned legs”. Well this is the Roboqbo and you can think of it as a Thermomix type of machine that took a bunch of performance enhancing ‘supplements’ combined with innovation and evolved into a machine that can just about do anything you could ever want.

We’ll explain more.

In simple terms the Roboqbo will cool, cook, vacuum, pressurise, concentrate, refine, knead, homogenise, mix and pulverise any type of food with the main goal in mind to increase your products quality, colour, consistency and shelf life. I guess you can think of the Roboqbo as a few of your staff preparing a product like they normally would, but just a lot faster, more consistent and due to cooking under vacuum, better.

The strawberry jam example

“what food colouring or additives does that strawberry jam have in it, that colour does not look real at all”. You would be surprised how many times we have heard this at trade shows and demonstrations when the vibrant red jam is passed around. Using just 3 ingredients, we are able to cook under vacuum and preserve all the organoleptic features and nutritional values of the ingredients used. This is what allows the Roboqbo to produce an end product that almost doesn’t look real whilst retaining flavours from fresh produce you could have never imagined. Oh and did we mention it was completed in 8 minutes…

Check out the video:

Let’s move onto another example, probably our favourite one.

What use to be a 7 and a half hour pie

A very well known Patisserie/customer of ours came to us with the intention of speeding up their production, minimising mistakes or inconsistency’s and utilising staff for other areas of the business. This patisserie also wanted the pie to taste even better than before, if possible. The current process took a laborious 7 and a half hours to complete, with someone standing there constantly mixing the lamb shank pie filling so that it didn’t burn to the bottom. That’s a long time to have staff standing there having to manage that whilst juggling other tasks.

Utilising all the innovative features in the Roboqbo, we were able to complete the lamb shank pie in 90 minutes. The meat and gravy developed far greater flavour whilst the consistency was incomparable. To save 6 hours every time they needed to make the filling whilst being able to use their staff to complete other tasks in the patisserie led to an obvious choice. “The Roboqbo is the way of the future”

Let’s go back a step to the philosophy of the Roboqbo. The Roboqbo was designed to be the first and only product that contains a wholefood processing philosophy in just one machine whilst placing emphasis on work life balance and the importance of saving costs on wages.

Saving on wage costs is a driving force behind most businesses to ensure they can continue to grow and not become bogged down.

For this reason, the Roboqbo was made in a large variation of sizes to accommodate for the small patisseries, chocolateries, ice creameries and restaurateurs of the world, right up to the large scale operations of some of the biggest food manufacturers in the country. Just for reference, the biggest Roboqbo has a 860 litre capacity, measuring a monstrous 307cm tall whilst the smallest of the family has a humble 8 litre capacity and needs to sit on a benchtop!

So after all this Roboqbo talk I’m sure you understand the gist of the machine (we hope you do otherwise we didn’t do a very good job at explaining it) and see just how far innovation in technology and food machinery has come.

If you would like to see it in action or want to create your own product/dish through our Roboqbo, we encourage anyone to submit a request for a time in The Test Kitchen. One of our Roboqbo experts will happily run you through the machine and create some amazing products with you, just book in your time and tell us what you would like to make, we will supply everything for you.

Also, stay tuned also for an industry presentation and demonstration day later in 2019 that will feature award winning chefs and celebrated personal using the Roboqbo to assist their amazing production.

Happy homogenising.

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