Canol Dough Laminating Line

The Canol Dough Laminating Line is a customisable machine designed for the continuous production of pastry products or any high quality dough. Increase your production and decrease your wastage with Canol.

Key Features

  • Designed for the continuous production of Puff, Danish, Croissants and similar high quality doughs
  • Avoid any stress or tension to the dough to Canol’s stress free technology
  • Designed to create an extremely consistent product with maximum efficiency
  • Thanks to the modular design, extension and integration of other components are easy and allow for production improvements
  • There is a variation of lamination lines available to best suit your production needs
  • Available in L, U and S shape lines as more specific and diverse shapes will help meet your requirements
  • Laminating lines can be integrated with dough resting belts and temperature controlled cells
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Easy to operate with touchscreen memory functionality
  • Reduce human error and staff costs

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Product: Canol Dough Laminating Line
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