Rijkaart Laminating Line

The Rijkaart laminating line is a fully autonomous line that produces many different types of high quality doughs. Rijkaart have designed and developed a unique laminating system comprised of many different functions, to consistently and accurately produce the best product everytime.

Key Features

  • Designed to automate and improve your laminating production capabilities
  • Available in widths of up to 1500mm
  • Can connect to your existing network
  • Easy and simple operation through menu control system
  • Built in flour duster
  • Multi cross roller
  • Two roll gauging station
  • Driven marking roller unit
  • Servo driven depositor
  • Dough folding ploughs
  • Mechanically operated travelling guillotine
  • Scrap return conveyor
  • Three roll extruder
  • Fat pump/Butter pump that continuously pumps fat/butter into dough
  • Quick reducing gauging station
  • Multiple laminating stations

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Product: Rijkaart Laminating Line
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