Canol Frying Line

With industrial production in mind, the customisable Canol Frying Line has been specifically designed for continuous frying for any floating products that are fried one side at a time.

Key Features

  • Designed for the continuous flow of doughnuts, berliners and similar products
  • Oil heating method is customisable per customer requirements
  • Choose from gas burners, electric resistances or with a boiler/diathermic oil heat exchanger
  • Products are simply fried on one side before being automatically turned onto the other
  • Various dimensions, capacities and outputs are available
  • Equiped with a programable touchscreen panel
  • The automated flow of fried food and lack of human interaction allow the products to be consistent and perfect every-time
  • Simple to operate
  • Custom solutions available
  • Extremely time effective

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Product: Canol Frying Line
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