Canol Frying Line

Canol Frying Line

With industrial production in mind, the customisable Canol Frying Line has been specifically designed for continuous frying for any floating products that are fried one side at a time.

Key features

  • Designed for the continuous flow of doughnuts, berliners and similar products
  • Oil heating method is customisable per customer requirements
  • Choose from gas burners, electric resistances or with a boiler/diathermic oil heat exchanger
  • Products are simply fried on one side before being automatically turned onto the other
  • Various dimensions, capacities and outputs are available
  • Equiped with a programable touchscreen panel
  • The automated flow of fried food and lack of human interaction allow the products to be consistent and perfect every-time
  • Simple to operate
  • Custom solutions available
  • Extremely time effective


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