Watercut XS

The Watercut XS is their most compact high pressure water jet cutting system, designed to maximise space without compromising on the capabilities and power of the machine. Watercut technology will allow the user to cut virtually any shape they can think of whilst increasing production efficiency and product quality.

Key Features

  • High pressure water jet pastry cutting technology
  • The most compact single jet machine on the market
  • Diverse shaping of pastry portions
  • Incredible cutting quality and consistent cutting results no matter the user
  • Able to cut frozen and fresh products
  • Large touchscreen for simple programming
  • 4 working modes for different combinations of jet and tray movements
  • Water pressure of 800 bar to 3500 bar
  • Maximum cake thickness 95mm
  • Design your own shapes in Waterjet’s advanced free software
  • Simple to use and operate even for unskilled labour
  • Increase productivity up to 300 mm/s on Fast mode
  • Suitable for 600 x 400mm trays
  • Easy cleaning design without fan extraction
  • Safety features activated once in use to avoid injury
  • See video below of Watercut in action

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Product: Watercut XS
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