Rijkaart Make-up Line

The Rijkaart Make-up line is a universal dough processing line designed to suit the specific production needs of your business. This versatile production line can produce a wide range of pastry products, including sausage rolls, pasties & scrolls as well flat breads, biscuits & crackers.

Key Features

  • Designed to make a versatile range of savoury and sweet pastry products
  • Customised to your production needs and product sizes
  • Extremely heavy duty industrial build
  • Make products such as sausage rolls, croissants, cream filled pastries, Pan Au Chocolat, danish, pasties and much more pastry products
  • Servo driven depositor
  • Versatile system capable of producing a wide range of products
  • Can easily add new tools to create new products
  • Able to connect to your existing network
  • Easy to operate with menu driven control system
  • Fast and thorough cleaning cycles
  • Output capacity specified per your customised line
  • Made in the Netherlands

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Product: Rijkaart Make-up Line
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