Ideo Tecnica SFERA Ball Refining Mill

The Idea Tecnica SFERA Ball Mill has been specifically designed to refine and perfect a variety of spreadable products, utilising it’s innovative design to produce range of products with greater consistency and quality.

Key Features

  • Designed to accurately refine raw materials
  • Built in touchscreen with programable settings
  • Product can reach a thinness between 18 and 26 micron according to its characteristic and to refining time.
  • Available Models with 20kg, 50kg and 150kg capacity
  • The ball mills can be assembled with conching machine to automate the conching and refining process
  • Output capacity of 22kg per batch
  • Bean to bar process
  • Easily moveable on wheels
  • Italian made

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Product: Ideo Tecnica SFERA Ball Refining Mill
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