Rijkaart Bread Production Line

Rijkaart Bread Production Line

The Rijkaart Bread line has been specifically designed for the continuous production of bread, buns, baguettes and ciabatta dough. This incredibly versatile line comes with a range of functions and a special dough forming system that allows for the most delicate of doughs to be produced through this autonomous line.

Key features

  • Designed to produce a range of breads at a large industrial capacity
  • Fitted dough sheeter to make standard bread
  • Fully automated flour duster
  • Stress free dough sheeter
  • Dough feeder that can have its positioned changed to suit the dough being fed through
  • Multi roller & Multi cross roller
  • Two roll sheeter
  • Driven cutting station
  • Spreading system
  • Travelling guillotine
  • Separating and curling tool
  • Moulding function
  • Oven loader
  • Made in the Netherlands

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