Fortuna KM Range

Fortuna KM Range

The Fortuna KM Range. Specifically designed to accurately divide and round dough whilst maximising space and performance. The KM Range is the expert with difficult or well-risen dough.

Key features

  • Automatic dough divider rounder
  • Equiped to handle difficult doughs with long prooving times
  • Output capacity up to 8000 pieces per hour (model dependent)
  • Available in 2 – 5 rows
  • Simple one man operation
  • Convenient dough feeding via a dough hopper of 12kg & 20-25kg capacity (model dependent)
  • Special Fortuna dividing system which is gentle on all dough, no squeezing or stressing
  • Convenient adjustment of piece weight, rounding height and sounding speed via integrated touchscreen
  • Produces uniform dough pieces with a perfect surface
  • For bread rolls that look handmade
  • Easy access to all machine parts for for cleaning
  • Thanks to the gentle dividing system the structure of the dough is perfectly preserved
  • Extremely soft dough does not stick, even without adding flour to the drum before rounding
  • Maximises time with no pressing or strand moulding
  • 2 row can fit into even the smallest of bakeries
  • Available in 4 models

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