Tekno Stamap Two Arm Mixer

The Two Arm Mixer by Tekno Stamap is the result of continuous research into the best technology available for both materials and components. Equipped with PED accident-prevention guards and made from thick stainless steel, this mixer is perfect for working with very hydrated and leavened pastry doughs.

Key Features

  • Versatile planetary mixer suitable for very hydrated doughs and leavened pastry doughs
  • Cast iron casting gears obtain a higher structural rigidity to avoid any oil leakage
  • Equipped with PED accident-prevention guards that have a very high mechanical resistance and which protect the operator from the accidental inhalation of flour dust
  • Ventilation fan of dough chamber to always keep the right degree of humidity
  • Pneumatic piston to facilitate the lifting of the protection
  • Machine locks with arms in raised position to facilitate unloading and cleaning
  • Variable speed and touch-screen panel
  • Mounted on wheels for easy movement
  • Adjustable height
  • The bowl is made of very thick stainless steel that has been metal spun, and has a reinforced base to support all the mechanical stress generated during mixing
  • Stainless steel slide to insert ingredients even during processing without the need to lift the PET protection, easy to clean.

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Product: Tekno Stamap Two Arm Mixer
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