Vitella Screw Dough Rounder

The Vitella Screw Rounder is a practical and highly flexible solution for dough ball production. Using the inverter-based speed adjustment system, different mixing cycles can be obtained, even with very wet dough.

Key Features

  • Screw dough rounder with inverter speed controller, enabling synchronisation with other machines in automatic lines
  • Dough output can be orientated in four different directions, depending on the positions of other machines in the line
  • Start and stop button with dial for speed control
  • Aluminium frame clad with stainless steel or painted steel
  • POM C rounding cylinder
  • Screw in cast aluminium with food-grade polymer coating
  • Worktop with food-grade polymer coating
  • Machine mounted on casters
  • Compatible with all Vitella dividers

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Product: Vitella Screw Dough Rounder
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