Cleanbake for Bakery & Production

Cleanbake cloth is guaranteed to be your next bakery essential. With pearling effect, this cloth is non-stick coated, cost-efficient, anti-microbial and bacteriostatic.

Key Features

  • Cleanbake’s innovative non-stick coated cloth material is leading a new wave of anti-microbial technology in the bakery sector
  • Forget the use if disposable cloths or baking sheets that have a negative environmental impact
  • Proofing and changeover cloths are ideal for the hygienic processing of all fermentation products
  • The pearling effect prevents the dough from sticking which means less flour dust in the baking room
  • Inhibition of rot and mildew
  • Coating with pearling effect
  • Water and oil repellent
  • No flour dusting necessary
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased cleanliness during process
  • No baker’s asthma
  • Low washing temperatures and extended useful life
  • Food authenticity in compliance with Art. 31 LFGB
  • Easy cleaning
  • Bakers couches are ideal for producing baguettes due to their antimicrobial and bacteriostatic effect
  • Doughnut cloths, brining and pretzel cloths are available also

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Product: Cleanbake for Bakery & Production
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