Merand Volumetric Softy Divider

The Merand Volumetric Softy Divider has been specifically designed to carefully handle your dough whilst perfectly dividing and weighing each piece for bread loaves or baguettes.

Key Features

  • Designed to carefully handle and divide dough to your desired weight
  • Perfectly weigh each piece of dough for many types of bread and baguettes
  • Automatic dividing and volumetric weighing
  • Capable of 900-2700 pieces per hour
  • This version is also suitable and recommended for hard doughs such as Northern Europe breads or Eastern Europe breads, toast breads and rye breads
  • For very large dough pieces a double dough system can be added
  • The standard out belt can be accessorised with pre-rounding and pre-elongation systems
  • The dough pieces pre-elongation system MF2S (Stress Free Moulding System) is an exclusivity patented by Merand
  • Machine has been designed to dramatically increase productivity
  • Variety of hopper options available from 40 – 180kg
  • Option to have a closed hopper, providing weight regularity even for fermented doughs

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Product: Merand Volumetric Softy Divider
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