Merand Volumetric Automatic Divider-Softy Model

The Merand Volumetric Automatic Softy Divider has been specifically designed to careful handle your dough whilst perfectly dividing and weighing each piece for a variety of bread types.

Key Features

  • Designed to carefully handle and divide dough to your desired weight
  • Perfectly weigh each piece of dough for many types of bread and baguettes
  • Automatic dividing and volumetric weighing
  • Capable of 900-2700 pieces per hour
  • This version is also suitable and recommended for hard doughs such as Northern Europe breads or Eastern Europe breads, toast breads, rye breads
  • Designed for 50-1600 gram dough pieces (model dependent)
  • For very large dough pieces a double dough system can be added
  • Equipped with flour device to prevent any sticking
  • The standard out belt can be accessorised with pre-rounding and pre-elongation systems
  • The dough pieces pre-elongation system MF2S (Stress Free Moulding System) is an exclusivity patented by Merand
  • Machine has been designed to dramatically increase productivity
  • Available with plastic open hopper or closed hopper
  • Optional to be equipped with a closed hopper, providing weight regularity even for fermented doughs

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Product: Merand Volumetric Automatic Divider-Softy Model
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