FirEnace Parrilla Wind-Up Grill

With ease, versatility and optimum flavour at the forefront of the design, the FirEnace range of Wind-Up Parrilla Grills offer an extensive cooking surface with a state of the art elevating system, giving users the ability to cook multiple things at once, from all angles of the grill.


Key Features

  • Designed by chefs, with ease, practicality and optimum flavour at the forefront
  • Extensive cooking surface and state-of-the-art elevating system
  • Elevating wheel allows the user to easily regulate the grill height over the coals / fire for increased control
  • Sloped cooking surface area allows the cooking juices to run down the grill bars and into the cooking area, preventing grease build-up
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge stainless steel for mass heat retention
  • Can reach temperatures of 300 – 500 degrees
  • Ability to control the grill over the fire, allowing the user to cook multiple things at once, from all angles of the grill
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Ability to cook directly in the fire
  • Equipped with different grill plates
  • Suspended heating racks
  • Capacity to cater for large groups
  • Improved flavour from primal cooking methods
  • X-3 (without stand) and X-4 (with stand) models available
  • X-3: 950×720×930mm and 350kgs
  • X-4: 1200×900×1650mm and 650kgs
  • Customised solutions available to cater to individual needs
  • Easy to clean

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Product: FirEnace Parrilla Wind-Up Grill
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