Stoppil SP100 Water Chiller

The SP range of Water Chillers by Stoppil are the optimum commercial water solution that embodies power saving capabilities and stores ice perfectly.

Key Features

  • Simple, compact and easy to install with water delivered at town pressure
  • No need for a pump
  • 160 Litres at 2 degrees + 30 litres more per hour
  • The SP100 is able to chill 370 litres in 7 working hours at 2ºC (water inlet 17ºC)
  • When more than 40 litres of chilled water is required in an hour at less than 2ºC, it is necessary to install a second unit.
  • Recommended to connect to your Stoppil water meter for accurate dosing of chilled water


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Product: Stoppil SP100 Water Chiller
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