Escher M Premium Spiral Mixers

Escher M Premium Spiral Mixers

The Escher M Premium Series is a fixed bowl spiral dough mixer designed specifically to improve your production quality and time parameters. The Premium Line was created for intensive use with stiffer doughs whilst featuring the Premium drive system and dual belt resulting in more power being delivered to the spiral tool.

Key features

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  • Capacity range from 40kg to 240kg dough weight
  • All standard with Escher’s Premium Drive System specifically designed for intensive use & stiffer doughs
  • Premium drive system fitted with the industries only 4 pully system for less stress and greater performance
  • The most robustly built spiral mixer on the market producing highest quality dough development
  • Two speed
  • Fixed bowl spiral mixer with two motors suitable for bakeries of all sizes
  •  Two way bowl rotation allowing to reverse the bowl in 1st speed
  • Belt transmission
  • Automatic timers
  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral tool and breaker bar
  • Mix small doughs in a large mixer due to Escher’s industry leading bowl design
  • Optional stainless steel finish, stainless steel lid, touch screen and infrared temperature measurement
  • Also available in M80P Slimline, a compact 80kg mixer for bakeries with limited space

View product brochure
View product brochure