Merand Tregor PPR Dough Moulder

The Merand Tregor PPR moulder is specifically designed to consistently  roll and shape dough balls from 30g all the way up to 1450g, allowing this moulder to meet all of your production needs.

Key Features

  • Pre-laminating and laminating system between 3 rollers
  • Unique Merand PPR system (Adjustable progressive pre-laminating)
  • Designed to roll and shape dough balls consistently
  • Roll and shape dough balls from 30 – 1450 grams
  • Dough stretching system between 2 woven wool moulding belts
  • Easy dismantling of the 2 belts
  • Hinged safety hopper and easily removable scrapers
  • 2 selectors with timekeepers for adjusting dough laminating and stretching processes
  • Output capacity up to 1800 pieces per hour
  • Simple to use functionality
  • Can be mounted/placed on stand or bench-top

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Product: Merand Tregor PPR Dough Moulder
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