Merand Atoupain

The Merand Atoupain is a hydraulic stress free dough grid divider. Designed for complete accuracy and efficiency when working with all types of doughs, also allowing you to use the cold fermentation process.

Key Features

  • Hydraulic stress free soft dough grid divider
  • Divide high water content artisan doughs without damage using hydraulic division system.
  • Equipped with VarioPress® to reduce pressure and keep bubbles inside the dough
  • VarioPress® allows you to work with very soft doughs
  • Optional Alvéo Form ® Baguette Former for baguettes and ‘Traditional’ baguettes. Gives a rounded shape to the baguette and seals edges without scarring for a normal development of the cut stroke in the oven
  • Stainless steel knives, Ertalyte® knife blocks reducing incidents of Dough Sticking
  • Automatic blade cleaning function via control switch. Blades lift up for easy cleaning without having to use wedges. Individual dividing blocks can be dismantled one by one for easy access during cleaning
  • Chose from a range of Grid Dividers for rolls, loaves general breads (more than 30 grid models to choose from as well as having custom designed grids)
  • Includes standard functions of 20 piece divider/pastry press
  • Perfect for the use of the Cold Fermentation Process
  • Optional Butter press
  • Square tank to allow use of grid attachments
  • Easy to clean, move and operate

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Product: Merand Atoupain
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