Merand Diva II Dough Divider

The Merand Diva 2 is a 20 piece hydraulic stress free dough divider designed for complete accuracy and efficiency, whilst working with all dough types.

Key Features

  • 20 Piece Hydraulic stress free dough divider
  • Preserves your dough- with the H.D.M.® hydraulic system
  • Suitable for all types of doughs and shapes
  • Produces regular shape pieces for better moulding
  • Pressure exerted on the dough is reduced by at least 66 %
  • Easiest hydraulic dough divider to clean and maintain on the market, thanks to the individual Ertalyte® plates plus hinged side covers
  • Traditional, well hydrated and proofed dough can be worked while maintaining the honeycombed structure
  • Doors, with safety locks, open each side
  • Equipped with safety grip to allow easier handling
  • Easy to clean removable divider head segments
  • Available in round or square tanks
  • Optional Adapress®, with 2 different pressure settings on the same divider, gives flexibility so as to adapt to all your productions soft dough and hard dough
  • Output capacity of 120 cycles per hour

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Product: Merand Diva II Dough Divider
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