Introducing FirEnace – Your Entire Kitchen In 2 Machines

Our brand new range of Charcoal Ovens, Parrilla Wind-Up Grills and Hibachi’s in collaboration with Chef Elijah Holland are now available to pre-order with exclusive introductory pricing valid until October 30th.

Whilst cooking with fire may not be an entirely new phenomena (in fact, until about 150 years ago, every household cooked over a fire), there’s no denying the rise in fire-focussed restaurants over the last few years, with the mention of ‘wood-fired’ dishes across many popular menus.

That’s why we have teamed up with Elijah Holland, Forager and Executive Chef at Loti St Kilda, to bring you FirEnace (FUR-NESS); an impressive new range of fire-focussed equipment, manufactured from solid stainless steel and guaranteed to heighten the natural flavours of just about anything you want to cook.

The FirEnace Parrilla Wind-Up Grill

Pre-order by the 30th of October to receive the X-3 for $8,899+ GST & the X-4 for $17,400 + GST

With ease, versatility and optimum flavour at the forefront of the design, the FirEnace Parrilla Wind-Up Grill offers an extensive cooking surface with a state of the art elevating system, giving users the ability to cook multiple things at once, from all angles of the grill.

Key Features include:

  • Designed by chefs, with ease, practicality and optimum flavour at the forefront
  • Extensive cooking surface and state-of-the-art elevating system
  • Elevating wheel allows the user to easily regulate the grill height over the coals / fire for increased control
  • Sloped cooking surface area allows the cooking juices to run down the grill bars and into the cooking area, preventing grease build-up
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge stainless steel for mass heat retention
  • Can reach temperatures of 300 – 500 degrees
  • Ability to control the grill over the fire, allowing the user to cook multiple things at once, from all angles of the grill
  • Improved flavour from primal cooking methods
  • X-3 (without stand) and X-4 (with stand) models available
  • X-3: 950×720×930mm and 350kgs
  • X-4: 1200×900×1650mm and 650kgs

The FirEnace Charcoal Oven

Pre-order by the 30th of October to receive the T100 for $12,999 + GST & the T200 for $16,350 + GST

Designed by chefs, the FirEnace Charcoal Oven has been tried and tested over many years to satisfy even the most demanding commercial kitchen. The Charcoal Oven functions as a grill and oven in one, giving users the ability to roast, grill, bake, steam braise and smoke in the one piece of equipment; all whilst retaining the natural flavours of the food and bringing out a unique taste.

Key Features include:

  • Allows you to cook all types of foods retaining the natural flavours and bringing out a unique taste
  • Grill and oven in one
  • Cooks 50% faster than any other open grill or oven
  • Can reach temperatures of 300 – 500 degrees
  • Cooks hard and fast, or long and slow depending on how much wood / charcoal you put in it
  • Can roast, grill, bake, steam, braise and smoke
  • Designed to fulfil the demands of professionals in the food and hospitality sector
  • Ability to control the airflow through the oven and regulate the intensity of the flames and smoke levels by closing the vent
  • More efficient than traditional barbecues, requiring less charcoal and providing a more consistent result
  • Entirely new flavours are imparted by the heat source, bridging the gap between grilling and hot-smoking
  • Two models available including the T-100 and T-200
  • T-100 (incl. chimney): 706×643×1150mm and 128kgs
  • T-200 (incl. chimney): 1206×643×1150mm and 148kgs

The FirEnace Mothership

Pre-order by October 30th and receive the Mothership for $31,500 + GST

Our range of FirEnace Parrilla Wind-Up Grills and Charcoal Ovens are all customisable to cater to whatever restaurant / commercial set-up you have. The ‘Mothership’ is just one example of how you can combine both machines to achieve optimum results in your kitchen.

The FirEnace Hibachi Grills

Pre-order by October 30th and receive the Standard Hibachi for $175 + GST

Cook any food, anytime, anywhere with the new range of FirEnace Hibachi Grills, available in both standard and large sizes. Made from the same stainless steel as the FirEnace Wind-Up Grill and Charcoal Oven, these mini charcoal grills are the perfect, interactive addition to any commercial or home kitchen. They are also light-weight and portable.

All machines are available to pre-order now! Get in quick to receive your exclusive introductory pricing and secure your machine in time for Summer!

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