Comtec Pie Press 1100/2200

Comtec Dough Presses are specifically designed to turn out an almost endless assortment of fresh, homemade pies and tarts with ease.

Key Features

  • The Model 1100 forms a bottom crust or a top crust, one at a time
  • the Model 2200 forms both crusts simultaneously
  • Both are fast, simple and economical to operate
  • Unlike sheeting, no special skills are required
  • No scrap dough to worry about
  • Cost effective
  • Simple to maintain
  • There’s also no trimming,no dusting flour, and no special dough formula needed
  • Comtec Crust Presses can produce hundreds of popular-size crusts an hour, in round, square, rectangular and many other shape containers—to keep up with the varying needs of large and small dining establishments, including restaurants, airline catering, hospitals, school and company cafeterias or any bakery operation

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Product: Comtec Pie Press 1100/2200
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