Our Favourite Depositor Machines

Bakers often have a hard time finding enough workers to keep their operations running optimally. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough fish in the sea, and when you’re producing hundreds of products including biscuits, cookies, cakes and more each day, you definitely need the extra help. 

With this in mind, it is not surprising that many bakeries are turning to automation to improve production and meet their increasing customer demand. In fact, in the modern-day, automation is already playing an important role in the bakery world.

We’ve spoken before about the benefits of implementing automation into your business, and being the number one supplier of premium equipment to the baking industry in Australia for over 40 years, there’s no denying it is something that we are incredibly passionate about.  

In this blog, we want to introduce you to what we believe are the best, time-saving, money-saving, high-quality machines for those who produce larger quantities of cookies, biscuits, cake batter, fillings, choux pastry and more. 

Read on to learn more. 

Delfin Mino Depositor 

The Delfin Mino Depositor machine is a biscuit depositor with a touch-screen control panel for the forming and depositing of biscuits on a 400mm x 600mm tray. This machine has an hourly production rate of up to 50kgs of dough (model dependant) and is suitable for businesses who need to produce products on a small-medium scale. The Mino Depositor has a frame, front plate, carters, hopper and tray conveyor belt made up entirely in food-grade anti-corrode aluminium and stainless steel. Similar to the others, its low-height hopper enables easy access for dough loading, and the ability to dismantle parts quickly makes cleaning easy and efficient. The Delfin Mino Depositor also has automatic tray lowering for an efficient dough detachment, and the tray height can be manually adjusted to suit the operator. You can learn more about the Delfin Mino Depositor here.

Delfin Bisky Depositor 

Delfin designs and manufactures various types of depositing systems to suit thousands of product types, even including the delicate macaron. The Delfin Bisky Depositor is an extremely popular machine that is suitable for medium-sized businesses who need to deposit products including cakes, biscuits, meringues, macarons and more on a slightly larger scale. The low-height hopper enables easy access for loading the dough into the machine, and its automatic tray lowering allows for an efficient dough detachment. There are three models available, all including a touch screen with up to 50 programs, variable advancement speed and time, and manual tray-height adjustment. The Delfin Bisky Depositor is available for 400mm x 600 mm trays and has an hourly production rate of up to 120kgs of dough (model dependant). It is easy to dismantle, making cleaning simple and efficient. You can learn more about the Delfin Bisky Depositor here.

Delfin Deuro Depositor 

The Delfin Deuro Depositor is the biggest in the Delfin range and has been designed specifically for larger scale manufacturing for trays up to 600mm x 800mm. The Deuro Depositor is a computerised machine designed for forming and dosing liquid as well as dense and hard doughs, and can store up to 99 different programs. It has adjustable speed and time to suit your product needs, automatic lowering of the tray for efficient detachment, a height-adjustable conveyor belt and soft silicone anti-slip mats for the precise placement of cookies on the baking sheet. Similar to the Bisky Depositor, the Deuro Depositor’s hopper is lower down to make loading the dough into the machine easier. It is also easy to dismantle, making cleaning easy and efficient. You can learn more about the Delfin Deuro Depositor here

Bakon Gear Wheel Depositor 

The Bakon Gearwheel Depositor allows you to deposit a wide range of different products whilst being designed with accuracy and efficiency at the forefront. This machine guarantees high accuracy depositing of semi-liquid and/or less liquid products. It is easy to operate with a 10-inch touchscreen control panel and up to 100 different pre-programmed products available. The Bakon Gearwheel Depositor has a production speed of 30 strokes per minute (depending on the product complexity) and is suitable for depositing crèmes, creams, cake batter, choux pastry and fruit fillings; as well as heavier creams and harder doughs (e.g. shortbread). There is also the option to have the machine built on a C-frame (with a width of up to 600 mm) or H-frame (as from a width of 800 mm). You can learn more about the Gear Wheel Depositor here

If any of the machines mentioned in this blog are of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. 

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