Bakon Gear Wheel Depositor

The Bakon Gearwheel Depositor allows you to deposit a wide range of different products whilst being designed with accuracy and efficiency at the forefront.

Key Features

  • Highly accurate depositing of semi-liquid and/or less liquid products
  • Easily pre-program, select and change a great number of products (also during the production process).
  • Deposit crèmes and creams, cake batter, fruit fillings, choux pastry
  • For the depositing of heavier creams or harder doughs, e.g shortbread
  • 10″ touch screen control panel which can control up to 25 different products
  • Adjustment of speed and dosage can be made during production
  • Automatic height adjustment can be changed with the touch screen
  • production speed of 30 strokes per minute is possible depending on the product complexity
  • Up to 100 different products can be pre-programmed and selected on the Touch Screen panel
  • Option to have the machine built on a C-frame (with a width of up to 600 mm) or H-frame (as from a width of 800 mm)

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Product: Bakon Gear Wheel Depositor
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