Delfin Deuro Depositor

Delfin design and manufacture various types of depositing systems to suit 1,000’s of product types including the delicate macaron.

Key Features

  • Computerised machine for forming and dosing on trays of liquid, dense and hard dough.
  • Stores up to 99 different programs makes product change over simple and quick.
  • Adjustment of parameters of each program is simple and facilitates the creation of cookies according to the imagination of the operator
  • Adjustable speed and time of depositing rollers
  • Reverse cycle of depositing rollers for detachment
  • Adjustable speed of nozzle rotation.
  • Automatic lowering of tray for efficient detachment.
  • Automatic advancement of trays.
  • Soft silicone anti-slip mats for precise placement of cookies on baking sheet.
  • Low height of hopper enables easy loading of dough.
  • Height adjustable conveyor belt.
  • Quick removal of parts in direct contact with mixture allows for fast and easy cleaning.
  • Optional equipment & accessories:
  • Pump head for slurries
  • Motorised wire cutting device complete with plate and set of moulds
  • Additional nozzles
  • Automatic Tray Feeder
  • Extra Spouts
  • Additional Plates with moulds for wire cutting device

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Product: Delfin Deuro Depositor
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