Delfin Mino Depositor

Delfin Mino Depositor

The Mino Depositor is a versatile dropping unit that is designed to accurately deposit 1,000’s of different product types including macaron’s.

Key features

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  • Biscuit depositing machine with touch screen control panel for the forming and depositing of biscuits on 40cm wide tray.
  • Machine frame, front plate, carters, hopper and tray conveyor belt entirely in food grade anti-corrode aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Roller depositing head with rotary nozzle plate
  • Fixed nozzle plate with inter-changeable nozzles
  • Depositing rollers in food grade nylon 67mm
  • Low height hopper enables easy access for dough loading
  • Quick dismantling of the parts in contact with the dough to facilitate cleaning operations.
  • Dismantling of roller head without the use of spanners.
  • Visual command
  • Depositing rollers reverse cycle for drop-stop.
  • Variable depositing rollers speed and time.
  • Variable tray advancement speed during depositing
  • Automatic tray lowering for an efficient dough detachment
  • Manual tray height adjustment.

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View product brochure