Cutting & Stamping Machine

The Bralyx Cutting and / or Stamping Machine uses an automatic cutting and stamping system to create a new shape on spherical or long products. With the capacity to produce up to 3,000 pieces per hour, this machine is perfect for those who are looking to automate their production line.

Key Features

  • An automatic cutting and / or stamping machine used to create a new shape on spherical or long products
  • Compact table top machine
  • User-friendly touch screen controller. Simple and smoothly operated
  • Can be connected to the forming and encrusting machine on the Maxiform line
  • Stores recipes for quick reference
  • Can produce up to 3,000 pieces per hour
  • Easy to clean, assemble and repair
  • Developed with safety system with sensor and emergency button that totally turns off the machine
  • Stamping mould is easy to replace
  • Stamping mould shape and pattern can be customised for exclusive products

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Product: Cutting & Stamping Machine
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