Bernardi Miss Baker Pro XL 6 Kg / 20 Litre Double Arm Mixer

The Miss Baker PRO XL is the first benchtop double arm mixer designed for handling small quantities of dough but with commercial mixer qualities, features and importantly, strength. Featuring a 5-speed operation, it efficiently kneads and oxygenates dough ranging from 1.5kg to 8kg, maintaining a quality that upholds the highest traditions.

Key Features

  • Benchtop 6kg double arm mixer
  • Five-speed inverter-controlled arm moving system (from 35 to 65 strokes per minute)
  • Patented double-arm compact system
  • Completely extractible kneading arms ensure emptying and cleaning operations are easier.
  • High torque efficiency induction engine
  • Designed for high hydration dough, minimum 55% to 100% hydration
  • Double-channel emergency stop system (“Safety Torque Off”)
  • Touch-system control board
  • Bluetooth communication system to use proprietary application “MixDrive” on iOS and Android smartphones
  • Available in three colours

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Product: Bernardi Miss Baker Pro XL 6 Kg / 20 Litre Double Arm Mixer
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