Tekno Stamap Croymat Automatic Croissant Machine

Tekno Stamap Croymat Automatic Croissant Machine

The Tekno Stamap Croymat is an innovative automatic croissant machine that takes the guesswork out of making croissants at high volume and that is able to produce large quantities of croissants with incredible consistency.

Key features

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  • Automatic croissant producing machine
  • Produce croissants from 12 – 150 grams
  • Output up to 7500 pieces per hour model dependant
  • It calibrates the dough to the required thickness and joins it, eliminating wastes
  • Rolling up unit allows the simple adjustment of the lower and upper cylinders
  • Great flexibility in the croissants gram size and appearance thanks to the adjustable belts
  • Dough cutting device cuts in two stages to avoid sticking to the cutter
  • Cutting rollers can be customised for your production
  • Heavily reduces labour costs
  • Easy to clean thanks to removable belts
  • Refer to the table below for output
  • Range of accessories and options available
  • Made in Italy

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