Tekno Stamap Autosmart Sheeter

Tekno Stamap Autosmart Sheeter

The Tekno Stamap Autosmart range have been designed to automate even the toughest doughs, to ensure simplicity and perfection for your production.

Key features

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  • Fully automatic sheeter
  • Simple to operate
  • Designed for heavy use to achieve thin sheets
  • Available in Autosmart and Autosmart 123
  • Rollers positioned with vertical drive
  • Lamination rollers 123 mm of diameter
  • Table length 700mm or 800mm model dependant
  • Variable speed of the belts from 20 to 120 cm/sec
  • Colour 8″ touch screen
  • Store up to 50 recipes and activate sequential programming
  • Dough reeler with stress-free system
  • Flour duster with adjustable flour quantity
  • Work with almost no weight limits
  • Easy to move on wheels
  • Available in several models/sizes
  • Optional with cutting device

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