Salva Boutique Oven

A combination of the Salva Kwik-co Convection oven and the Salva Modular Deck oven, the Salva Boutique oven is a customisable option to accommodate to all of your needs. Beautiful to look at, the oven is designed by you, for you.

Key Features

  • Boutique is an integrated combination of Kwik-Co Convection ovens & Salva Modular Deck Ovens
  • Ideal combination for those looking to save floor space but still create artisan bakery & patisserie products
  • Available in multiple configurations
  • World-wide recognition for baking quality, flexibility and versatility
  • Guaranteed uniform heat distribution throughout the chambers
  • Independent modules allow different type of products to be cooked in each module
  • Designed to be at the forefront of your shop design
  • Energy efficient unique heat distribution system
  • Operate at 33% below nominal power
  • Cool touch doors
  • 100 programs available per unit
  • Can be placed under canopy or optioned with condensing hood for flexibility

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Product: Salva Boutique Oven
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